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A quick explanation of what all we do...


Business Porfolios, Logos, Templates, Website Mockups, Kinetic Typography and Stopframe Animation, Social Media Inserts, Diagrams and Images, Including Illustrations and more!


Individual and team or group shots to promote your company. Create your own unique stock images for your website or social media outlets. Or spruce up your office with photographic artworks.

Visual Art

Replace that dull standard wall-piece with a one-of-a-kind, comissioned and personalized artwork, created and crafted specifically to your dimensions and tastes. This will add immediate attention and value to any office space.

 About Hadeda Creative

About Hadeda Creative

Originating from South Africa and now residing in Kitchener-Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, owner Carl Leisegang started the company out of a need to fulfill a passion. A passion that encompasses a multitude of different artistic abilities. In South Africa, at the age of 19, Carl joined the staff at a local high school, moving from Teacher's Assistant to Sports Admin Clerk to Intern teacher and Art Department Administrative Assistant. Here, he was able to gain exposure and experience to new art practices, while pursuing active photographic and graphic design projects needed around the school. Nine years later, and at the end of his reign at the school, Carl created night-time panoramic landscape of the school as a parting gift which to this day, stands as a lasting installation of his legacy there. In his spare time, he took photos at multiple weddings, capturing both friends and stranger's special day with professionalism and enjoyment. He has done a vast amount of graphic design work for churches and not-for-profits, as well as the usual commissions as per customer requests. Upon moving to Canada, Carl worked for a company doing various roles from Admin Assistant to Bookkeeper to Business and Project manager, whilst pushing his graphics agenda. His employer has now remained a customer since Carl branched out on his own.